Welcome… and an urgent message to overseas US voters

In the November 2020 election, Americans are going to decide whether the US will continue to operate as the big clumsy democracy that it’s been for the past 200 years, or whether it will collapse into a dictatorship that’s patrolled by armed vigilantes. Which future sounds better to you? I know the one I want. 

There are six-and-a-half million registered American voters living outside the US. In 2016, only about one million of us voted. With key states neck-and-neck – the margin of victory in Wisconsin was only eleven thousand votes — we can make a serious difference.

Overseas voters need to request an absentee ballot for every election. There’s a simple way to do that, and to register if you’re not currently registered. Go to www.votefromabroad.org/fwab, fill in the form, sign it and send it to your local Board of Elections in the US. Ask for a confirmation that it has arrived.

Do this now. We’re all going to be bitterly sorry if we don’t.


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