The Cursing Stone

I’m seeking a publisher for The Cursing Stone.

The Cursing Stone, a 108,000-word novel, is based an historical maritime disaster in Ireland. The British gunboat HMS Wasp ran onto the rocks and sank near Oileán Thoraí / Tory Island off the Donegal coast in 1884. Fifty sailors and officers died. The ship was on a mission to perform evictions, and the shipwreck gave rise to an enduring legend that the people of Tory had invoked a curse to stop them.

Since 1884, the seanchaí of Tory Island (who are “brave” storytellers) have filled in the gaps in the story with an Irish stew of speculations and surmises. The Cursing Stone is another recipe for that concoction.

The first chapter of The Cursing Stone, titled“Egging”, was excerpted in The Copperfield Review, a Journal for Readers and Writers of Historical Fiction.

Agents and Publishers: For a copy of the first three chapters of The Cursing Stone, or the full manuscript, please send email to