2016 US Election

americanflags  I’ve voted in the US Presidential election, via absentee ballot. I voted for Hillary Clinton, and I hope that a serious majority of responsible Americans will vote for her, too.

Tonight (October 9) she and Donald Trump will engage in the second Presidential debate. I hope that she out-classes him, as she did the last time. I won’t be surprised if he self-destructs on worldwide television.

What bothers me most about him is that he’s a crisis manager. Crisis managers despise strategic thinking. They like to operate in a crisis atmosphere, and if there isn’t a crisis at hand, they’ll create one. They like to plunge in, lead from the gut, shoot from the hip. It’s all right to do that if the stakes are low enough, or if you’re only risking money. But the stakes are too high for a Commander in Chief, including the personal survival of every living human being, including you and me.

If the US Republican Party operated under any ethical principles, they would withdraw their support of Donald Trump. But if they don’t drop their support, and if they leave it up to us, the voters:

  • Please don’t vote for Trump. Don’t entrust the US nuclear arsenal to a thin-skinned crisis manager with a chip on his shoulder.
  • Please don’t abstain from voting. Trump has a dedicated following who will vote for him against all common sense and against their own best interests. They will vote, and he’ll become President unless someone else gets more votes. So don’t sit this one out.
  • Please don’t vote for the third-party candidates. If you like their policies better, promote those policies for the next four years and beyond. Gear up for a long steady fight. That’s the way to change things in the US – not by giving away your vote in an idealistic, futile gesture. Remember 2000? If Ralph Nader hadn’t run, Al Gore would have been elected President.

There will be a good opportunity for progressive political change in a Clinton administration. Under a Trump administration, there will be no chance at all.

Tom Sigafoos