Pool of Darkness

I’m seeking a publisher for Pool of Darkness, a 50,000-word historical crime novel. An early version of Pool was shortlisted for the 2016 Penny Dreadful Novella Prize.

In Pool, crime novelist Raymond Chandler and philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein meet in Ireland in 1948 and find themselves caught up in a conspiracy that involves former Nazis, the House Un-American Activities Committee, and a cat belonging to the widow of William Butler Yeats.Wittgensteinchandler

The mystery writer’s material is melodrama, which is an exaggeration of violence and fear beyond what one normally experiences in life. (I said normally; no writer ever approximated the life of the Nazi concentration camps.) The means he uses are realistic in the sense that such things happen to people like these and in places like these. But this realism is superficial; the potential of emotion is overcharged, the compression of time and event is a violation of probability, and although such things happen, they do not happen so fast and in such a tight frame of logic to so closely knit a group of people.

Raymond Chandler

How people can read Mind (a leading English philosophy journal) if they could read Street & Smith’s Detective Story Magazine beats me. If philosophy has anything to do with wisdom there’s certainly not a grain of that in Mind, and quite often a grain in the detective stories.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Agents and Publishers: For the first three chapters of Pool of Darkness, or the full manuscript, contact tomsigafoos@gmail.com