The DNA of Fictional Characters

People often ask novelist Richard Ford about Frank Bascombe (the protagonist of Independence Day and other novels) as though he’s real person. Ford says: “Fictional characters aren’t people — except sometimes to readers who want them to be. And they’re especially not people to those of us who make them up. Instead, characters are imminently mutable, cobbled-together bits of language reflecting the this’s and that’s of a writer’s life — memory, fantasy, fears, desires, suppressed experience, shards of speech, half-noticed newspaper squibs, over-hearings, mishearings — all of it subjected to the writer’s often whimsical will, then put on to the page for others.”

Richard Ford now lives in Ireland and will be making guest appearances at Irish literary festivals in 2020.

What’s in a Name?

Edna Ann Proulx first published her work as E. Annie Proulx, and later dropped the “E”.

What was DH Lawrence’s full name?

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